Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer holidays in Austria on the rise


The summer holidays have just begun. According to the latest figures from Eurotours more Austrians will be spending their holidays in their own country this year: Austria’s largest incoming agency reports an increase of 9.8% more turnover in comparison to summer last year, which was already well booked (summer 2016: plus 11.1% turnover). Austria as a holiday destination is experiencing a continuous boom. The key factor for the high rise in the number of guests is safety. 


“In Austria you do not have to worry about your own safety. The surrounding crises and the terror attacks, which also affected European countries, are helping to renew Austria as a top holiday destination”, says Helga Freund, CEO of the Verkehrsbüro Group and managing director of Eurotours. “Two thirds spend their holidays here in the peak season. The heat wave in June means people stayed longer. And if the forecasts are right, then this will not be the only heat wave.”


Nearly all federal provinces in Austria are benefiting from the summer boom

The most popular holiday regions for Austrians are in Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria: based on the amount of turnover, 26.9% of Eurotours’ customers spend their holidays in Salzburg, followed by Tyrol with 18.3%, Styria with 17.1%, Carinthia with 15.8% and Vienna with 12.9%. These are followed by Upper Austria (3.2%), Burgenland (3%), Lower Austria (1.6%) and Vorarlberg (1.3%). In total the holidaymakers account for 41.7% of the summer business in their own country. 48.3% of the turnover is generated by international guests, above all from the neighbouring European countries. 


According to Eurotours Austrians spend between 500 and 650 euros for a one-week summer holiday in Austria (including board and lodging, as well as travel by car or rail but without additional expenses). International guests spend between 650 and 1250 for the same period of time, depending on how far they have to travel. 


Greatest increase in Styria, Vienna and Salzburg

Nearly all provinces report an increase in turnover for the summer. Salzburg is growing at a high level by 10.4% (summer 2016: plus 6.7%) and Vienna by 18.3% (2016: minus 8.9%). Tyrol can record a plus of 1.3% (2016: plus 11.8%) and Styria an impressive 20.4% (2016: plus 9.5%). Vorarlberg has a plus of 3.7% (2016: plus 6.9%), Upper Austria 1.7% (2016: plus 33.3%) and Burgenland 80.8% (2016: plus 61.1%). Only Lower Austria has a minus of 8.4% following a plus last summer of 88%. 


Top 3 ranking: Germans, Swiss and Lower Austrians love Austria

Not only Austrians but also their European neighbours like to spend their holidays in Austria. After the Austrians themselves, which account for 41.7% of the turnover, the Germans follow in the ranking with a high 34.1% of the summer business. The remaining top positions are occupied by guests from Switzerland (8.4%), the Netherlands (4.5%), Great Britain (2.9%) and Spain (1.3%), then the Czech Republic (1.1%), Italy (0.8%), Japan (0.7%) and the USA (0.4%). Above all visitors to Austria are attracted by the mountains, the clear lakes and the thermal regions. 


Styria and Carinthia are the friendliest provinces, Vienna and Salzburg the most modern 

That the turnover in Styria has increased so dramatically may have something to do with the much-praised friendliness of the Styrians: after all, according to a survey, 37% of the Austrians say that they feel most welcome in Styria, in Carinthia in second place (30%). However other provinces also have clear advantages in the eyes of the Austrians. 40% find the Vienna is the most modern and innovative province, 20% voted for Salzburg. As far as the prices are concerned, Tyrol (36%) and Vienna (34%) are reputedly the most expensive holiday destinations; the Austrians find Burgenland (60%), Styria (18%) and Lower Austria (18%) to be the cheapest (survey by the Verkehrsbüro Group 2017, Gallup).