General information & facts

Building owned by:

GF DI Hans-Dieter Toth
Eurotours Ges.m.b.H.
Kirchberger Straße 8
6370 Kitzbühel

Arch. DI Michael Rhomberg
Moserstr. 42
5020 Salzburg
Kellerwiese, Kitzbühel
Occupied since:
April 2009
EUR 16 million (incl. purchase of ground, fees and construction)
approx. 250 (current number of employees in Kitzbühel: 2890)
Number of floors:

Top floor  

2nd floor
1st floor
Ground floor



Space for seminars, staff training and events with up to 240participants
Office level
Office level
Reception, travel agency, staff canteen with approx. 70 seats, dining terrace with approx. 50 seats
Deliveries, post room, IT department with server base, storage rooms, technical facilities, childcare area, fitness room

Total surface area
Top floor
Roof terrace
2nd floor
1st floor
Ground floor     
Additional rooms

Office area
Childcare area
Fitness area
Seminar area
Restaurant area

Length of axle
Width of façade
Height (above ground)

Total room capacity
7.646 m²
595 m²
1.232 m²
1.503 m²
1.213 m²
971 m²
1.995 m²
137 m²

approx. 3.000 m²
approx. 70 m²
approx. 100 m²
approx. 320 m²
approx. 235 m²

max. 56,5 m
max. 60,0 m
17,0 m

26.587 m³

Surrounding area:

approx. 6.700 m²
Parking spaces: