Eurotours acts as a tour operator in cooperation with commercial enterprises, trade unions, banks and insurance companies.  In doing so the company is responsible for the entire travel arrangements – from the contracting of the services to the invoicing of the clients. In 2011 Eurotours generated more than 710 000 guests via these sales channels, which makes it one of the largest tour operators in Central Europe in direct sales.
The concept of booking travel through means other than the classical travel agency has since become fully accepted by the guests.  Such a co-operation is therefore of particular interest to partners in branches outside of tourism.  People regard travel as something positive, which therefore contributes to the image of the company behind it.


Why Eurotours?

Partners from branches of business which have nothing to do with tourism often have access to the end consumer but lack the expertise in travel products.

Eurotours offers:

  • the employment of experienced teams of travel professionals with special know-how in this area of business
  • modern technology which has been developed in-house
  • permanent monitoring of service quality
  • highest standards of quality in operations


Since the end of 2003 Eurotours has been selling travel very successfully under the brand name of Hofer Reisen, in cooperation with Hofer KG, the largest food discounter in Austria. In 2007 this was followed by ALDI SUISSE TOURS in Switzerland and in summer 2009 ALDI Reisen Deutschland, as well as Hofer Potovanja in Slovenia in autumn 2009.  

The company’s own tour operator in Italy, Eurotours Italia S.r.l., was also founded at the beginning of 2009.  Just like its parent company in Kitzbühel, Eurotours Italia covers all forms of organised travel.  The offer ranges from individual travel in all price categories to both the resort destinations and cities, to group travel, incentives and conventions.  Hotels, flights, transfers, ferries and cruises are just part of the offer, as well as complete packages.  Eurotours Italia is therefore the perfect “one-stop-shop” on the small-scale Italian travel market, providing everything to do with travel.

In addition, in the first half of 2009, Eurotours started business as an incoming agency and a tour operator on the Polish market under the name of Eurotours Polska. In February 2014 activities started in the Czech Republic for Tchibo.